The world of secret intelligence operations is beautifully revealed in this unique calendar of CIA art.  For intelligence history to be memorable and relevant, it cannot be relegated solely to books and articles known only to specialists.  It needs to come out of the shadows, it needs to be made visual, through images that spark the imagination.  The makers of this calendar have done just that, assembling wonderfully crafted artistic portrayals, plus much useful background information and images, on some of the most daring and dangerous US paramilitary, espionage, and technical collection operations, conducted by amazing men and women of CIA and OSS.  This is a calendar worth keeping long after the calendar year has become history.

--Dr. Nicholas Dujmovic, Catholic University of America, former CIA deputy chief historian

Calendars are 28 pages, heavy 130lb paper stock, overall dimension are 18” x 12”, Glossy Finish